Intercity Bus Security Grant Program (IBSGP)

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Provides $3 million to owners and operators of intercity bus systems to protect critical bus surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism and to increase the resilience of bus transit infrastructure. 


The FY 2016 IBSGP provides funding to create a sustainable program for the protection of intercity bus systems and the traveling public from terrorism. The program seeks to assist operators of fixed-route intercity and charter bus services in obtaining the resources required to support security measures such as enhanced planning, facility security upgrades and vehicle and driver protection.



Eligible applicants under the FY 2016 IBSGP are owners and operators of fixed route intercity and charter buses that serve urban areas designated to receive Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) funding under the FY 2016 Homeland Security Grant Program.  Charter companies must make a minimum of 50 trips annually to one or more UASI jurisdictions to be eligible. All owner/operators that meet the basic eligibility criteria may apply.

In order to be eligible to receive FY 2016 IBSGP grant funding, all operators must have completed a vulnerability assessment and developed a security plan as required by Section 1531 of the 9/11 Act (6 U.S.C. § 181).
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