ForeScout: Automating System-Wide Security Response through Orchestration


More security tools require more oversight and even bigger security teams. In turn, bigger security teams must plod through and analyze more and more data from all of those new tools, slowing response times when real threats emerge. Enterprise security teams risk turning into perpetual motion machines. What’s the solution? In a word, orchestration. Industry analysts are on board. They’re preaching the value of orchestrating and automating enterprise security tools not only because they’ve seen the light—they’re hearing from their enterprise customers who have adopted orchestration solutions and are seeing results. Security vendors are getting in on the action as well, in some cases making preposterous claims that they have been orchestration vendors all along. But take that as a good sign, because it is now abundantly clear that orchestration’s time has come. Now it’s not a matter of whether or not to orchestrate; the real decision involves which security actions to automate and what technology is best for the job. 

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